Verena Ka m iniarz

Ich Vergleiche Mich Zu Dir

The video piece Ich Vergleiche Mich Zu Dir (in German: I co m pare m yself with you) features planaria, a type of flatwor m that has the ability to regenerate body tissue. The artist has caused the planaria to grow a second head. Both heads have control but the choice of the direction of m otion is not always settled on unani m ously between both heads so that the altered worm engages in a visible struggle between the two heads – an endless search for an undefined and unreachable goal as well as the spectacle of an uncanny decision being made. Therefore the piece alternates between failure and success: the successfully altered worm becomes a failure as it attempts to control its own basic decision making processes. “I believe that this oscillation between failure and success mirrors the processes of genetic research in a larger sense, as the successes of today m ay become the demons and m onsters of tomorrow”, Kaminiarz says. With the immensely magnified projection of the planaria a dialogue is opened up surrounding the issues of modern scientific experimentation in relation to the human form. Through anthropo m orphis m the planaria’s role changes from one located in elementary biology, to one of tragic realism.

Verena Kaminiarz’ art practice involves using scientific equipment but deviating fro m conventional m ethodology. She has completed her BFA in Vancouver/Canada in 2002 and is currently graduating with an MSc. Biological Arts fro m SymbioticA, the School of Anatomy & Human Biology at the University of Western Australia .