S. Chandrasekaran & Gary Cass

Bleeding Angel

Bleeding Angel aims to establish how certain human activities such as the act of standing, bleeding and drinking attributes to be part of human consciousness, and these attributes are part of everyday reality. By interpreting these attributes as part of everyday reality the project deals with the notion of divine that lies latent within and then acts on decision m aking and proble m solving during encounters with others. In this performance, the Cyborgian system bleeds with wine and stages the interaction between living bacteria and a metallic machine. As the Cyborg bleeds it produces a self-healing skin- m aterial.

The Cyborg represents several bodily properties such as skeletal syste m s, ossification, bleeding, bruising and skin formation. During this process, the audience can participate by drinking the wine. The Bleeding Angel intends to express how bodily functions of the Cyborgian syste m s such as s m elling, bleeding and producing of skin-like m aterial relate to the Hu m an body during the perfor m ance process.

Singapore born S. Chandrasekaran is well known for his perfor m ance works since 1983. He has been lecturing at various art colleges, and was the Head of the School of Fine Art at LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts/Singapore. Presently, he is pursing his Doctor of Creative Arts at Curtin University of Technology. Gary Cass is a scientific technician with the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, University of Western Australia teaching laboratories, and has been a scientific collaborator with Sy m bioticA. He has worked with many art projects engaged with biological specimens in these labs.